31 March 2011

La Reina del Sur capitulo 24


Ver La Reina del Sur capitulo 24, La Reina del Sur - capitulo 24, La Reina del Sur 24 en vivo. Hi friends how are you? I hope you are fine. Nice to meet you again. Now we will talk about our most favorite telenovela, La Reina del Sur. Are you sure to watch that episode, or can not wait to watch. Avante of our long wait telenovela.

Today we will watch continue of the story. I have searched on the internet to make a topic about the telenovela review. Unfortunatelly I can not find it. May one of you can show me about the review of La Reina del Sur? plase brave your selft to write on the comment field.

I just found the LRdS synopsis:

"The story begins in Culiacan when Teresa gets a call. Tell your boyfriend, "Guero" Davila, has died, so he decides to flee.
Ask for help from Epifanio Vargas, godfather Davila, who is sent to Melilla, Spain to create a new life. That works in a bar and meets a man that is sanctioned, Santiago Finisterre."

Great, If you have enough time you should better to get home earlier and watch La Reina del Sur capitulo 24 with your whole lovely family.

If your time limit, you also can watch it on the internet and you can browse it anywere you are. Whenever you can.

I hope all of you can watch it and have a great day.

Happy watching, Let's wait the next episode that is La Reina del Sur capitulo 25 next week!!!